World Series Profile

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East North Carolina State Softball Commissioner - Mickey Davis

Mickey Davis joined the Babe Ruth League in 1995. At that time, he was the Athletic Director for Wilson County and was more than happy to add Babe Ruth League Baseball and Softball to his long list of sports. Davis became the District Commissioner for Babe Ruth when the standing District Commissioner quit in the middle of a tournament. He was asked to step up and ended up working as the District Commissioner for about 11 years.

After this, he moved on to State Commissioner for Babe Ruth Softball and has been in the position ever since. In 1998, Mickey worked the regional tournament as an umpire to help him understand how the tournaments are run. By the next year, the 16U world series was being hosted there. Mickey has hosted many Babe Ruth Softball World Series, as well as Cal Ripken and Baseball World Series, the last one being held in 2012. Due to his hard work, Mickey was inducted to the Southeast Region Hall of Fame in 2009.

Mickey truly loved hosting the World Series. The first one he hosted took about 18 months of planning, and after hosting a few, he knew just what was needed to hold a successful World Series. Mickeys goal was to create a tournament that makes people want to come back. He takes pride in his county and knows that hosting the World Series is a big deal and has a huge impact on the town itself. Overall, Mickey enjoys the environment that hosting a World Series can create. “You get to meet a lot of nice people from all over the country.” Davis said. Being able to host an event that brings so many people together is an unforgettable experience.

In 2008 the World Series was held in Pennsylvania, but that didn’t stop Mickey from getting involved. He joined the World Series Task Force for the 12U World Series and spoke about how much fun he had working it. Today, Mickey still works as the Athletic Director for the Wilson County Youth Athletic Association, as well as the State Commissioner for Babe Ruth Softball in Eastern North Carolina. Mickey would like to see the World Series make its way back to North Carolina, and hopes that Wilson County gets to see another World Series soon.