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North Jersey Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball Commissioner - Ralph Errico

Ralph Errico has been a part of the Babe Ruth League for 27 years. He became a District Commissioner in 1990 and has only made his way up from there. He is now the State Commissioner of Northern New Jersey for Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Baseball, he is the Assistant Mid-Atlantic Region Commissioner, and he is on the World Series Task Force.

Errico started off as the President of the Edison Angels Softball League in Edison, New Jersey. From there, he was given the position of District Commissioner and that is what started his engagement with Babe Ruth League. He has many important tasks with his current position as State Commissioner, including running the Regional Tournament, but that doesn’t stop his involvement with his other commitments. Ralph talked about his work as an assistant Mid-Atlantic Region Commissioner and what that entails. The Mid-Atlantic region includes New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. This job includes a lot of communication with all the regional commissioners. This means that he must go to regional meetings, which can take up a decent amount of time.

Errico’s third commitment with Babe Ruth League is being a part of the World Series Task Force. This will be his fourth year on the Task Force and it’s something he has a lot of fun with. This year he gets to go down to Jensen Beach, Florida, and help set up and make sure things run smoothly during the World Series. Errico mentioned that he likes to be involved with the tournaments because his children are older and no longer play in Babe Ruth League, so it’s nice to continue to play a role in these types of events.

Along with his work with Babe Ruth, Ralph is also an Elementary School Principal in South Plainfield, NJ. Starting in April his schedule starts to get busy, and his work with Babe Ruth takes up a lot of time. This includes about four weeks away from home for the Regional Tournament and the World Series. His loaded schedule doesn’t stop him from staying on top of his game and getting all his work done to create a great event for everyone involved.